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Radical Run

​October Specials

Add Slide Slick for a Quicker and Faster Slide $5.00

​Warrior Jump & Radical Run 


Must have 3 separate 15 amp circuits within 75 feet of inflatable.

      Generator available for $125


7 Element

7 Element and 16' Dual Lane Slide

​                        $450


Leaps & Bounds a.k.a Wipeout $495

Requires 2 separate circuits 


    Dual Lane Slide

Mega Run 5 Piece Obstacle Course  255' of thrilling fun!

                         $1,775 Includes generators


                   Brand New Units 

              Special Introductory Price

                  Ninja Warrior Jump 


Can be added to other obstacle course pieces 


                 Takes 2 20 amp circuits 

Add Slide Slick for a Quicker and Faster Slide $5.00

Have you ever wanted to try your Ninja or Leap Frog skills? Well, have we got some giant balls to show you! With the Leaps & Bounds interactive course you’re going to get your chance. This game features a series of three giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the biggest ball pit you’ve ever seen. Then try to cross the course by leaping from ball to ball like a frog or running across the giant balls to make it to the other side! But don’t worry if you fall off, this floor of the pit protected by our super-soft landing cushion featuring air bag technology.


​Dual Lane Slide

Add Slide Slick for a Quicker and Faster Slide $5.00

As Pictured $975 includes generator

​                 125' of fun!

​Free Delivery in Pike/Ross County